1:1 Mentoring

Hello! I’m thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for photographers eager to master the art of newborn photography. My name is Ilse, and I am offering one-on-one, hands-on mentoring sessions in my studio located in the charming town of Benicia. As your guide in newborn photography, I’m here to help you master the art of photographing newborns. We’ll explore essential topics such as setting up your studio environment, choosing the right equipment, and perfecting your lighting techniques. Additionally, we’ll delve into posing newborns safely, managing sessions with patience and care, and working effectively with parents.

My goal is to equip you with the skills to create beautiful, tender portraits that families will treasure for generations. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your existing skills, this journey will enhance your ability to produce stunning and safe newborn photography. I look forward to sharing my expertise and passion with you in this personalized learning experience!Let’s start capturing these precious moments with confidence and artistry!

Topics Covered

1.Understanding Newborn behavior:

   •   typical behaviors and characteristics

   •   Discuss signs of stress or discomfort in newborns.

 2.Proper Handling Techniques:

   •   Demonstrate how to properly pick up, move, and pose a newborn.

   •   Stress the importance of supporting the baby’s head and neck at all times.

   •   Teach gentle handling to avoid waking or upsetting the baby.

 3.Posing Safety:

  •   Avoid risky poses or positions that involve propping the baby up unsafely.

   •   Use assistance for poses where the baby’s head needs support.

 4.Using Props Safely:

   •   Show how to choose appropriate props that are sturdy.

   •   Train on how to test props for stability and safety before use.

 5.Lighting Techniques:

. Studio light placement, how to create soft, diffused lighting that flatters the newborn


•Teach how to effectively communicate with parents about what will happen during the session.

• Explain each pose , especially for poses that might look risky or involve props.